We give our very best
to create games you'll love

A Sweet Bandit believes:

♦ In giving your best...everyday

♦ That innovation comes from everyone

♦ That you need fun to make fun

♦ That dreaming is mandatory and dreams are meant to be shared


We believe that great games are a labor of love and that having fun while making them makes all the difference.
We are currently looking for the sweetest of bandits to join us in the development of a multiplayer
game using Amazon Lumberyard technology.


The Role
Prototypes and iterate on gameplay features by developing simple as well as complex gameplay systems.
Develops, uses and improves the technology tools used to produce the game.
Offer solutions to several technical problems encountered by the team by being creative.
Develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with the production team and will strive to deliver the best game experience for the players.
• A computer science degree from a recognized institution
• A solid and varied experience with C++
• Capacity to collaborate with a team to elaborate and iterate on the game mechanics
Bonus Skills
• Experience as a gameplay programmer in the videogame industry
• Experience in automated tools development
• Experience in online multiplayer gaming development
• Experience with PYTHON
• Experience with C#
• Passion for various game genres
• Experience with Amazon Lumberyard

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